My Book Review of Dancing With Dragons

This book is about how Chinese people dance with a dragon costume that is sort of like a puppet. The reason they dance with a puppet dragon is because they think that whenever someone dies they have a good spirit and a bad spirit, so they dance with the scary dragoon to scare the bad spirit away so it won’t disturb other people.

China is a place of peace. Everyone thinks that China just wants to rule the world but this book reminds us that the Chinese people just want happiness for everyone.

My favorite part of the story was when it told and showed really cool pictures of people trying to get rid of the bad spirits because everyone thought that it would disturb people and animals and life. So they started dancing with the dragon to scare the bad spirits away. This idea worked for them because when they started it people would be happy and they would not be disturbed any longer…or for at least a couple of months!

My Review of the Book “The Haunted USA”!!

My story is The Haunted USA.This book is about haunted stories told years ago by people seeing and thinking weird things. May of them think that maybe ghost are real even though we have no proof. So the author tells scary interesting stories about the things people think they see. But are they real? 

My favorite story told in the book is The Haunted Cave. Its starts out by a guy exploring a mysterious cave he saw when he was out camping by himself. He went into the cave and never came back out. Some people think that he is trapped. Some think he is dead. And some don’t care at all.

The people who got worried about him went into the spooky cave  and they searched and searched for him for hours. Eventually people found his body (well at least we think they did) and everyone there agreed that it was his body and took it to a meusum where it was set up in a glass case. Some of the workers there got jelous and stole it and brote it back 2 days later.

Some investigators thought how did he die? So they went back into the cave. The people went back to where the camper’s body was found. They took samples of the water they found in the cave and later learned that it was filled with bacteria and poison. 

When they found out the water was there for thousands of years and that it was poisonous, investigators were happy to have an answer for what killed the camper, but they had another mystery: The water was there for thousands of years but how did it get there? The cave had no cracks in it and it was perfectly closed up. This cave still remains a secret. And one more mystery: Sometimes people claim that they see the camper’s ghost drink water from the lake in the cave, and they see his pants walking around XD which is pretty weird to me. These are the reasons why i like this book so much.

My Review of the Book “Holes” by Louis Sachar

My story is called Holes. Holes is about 7 boys who made mistakes and ended up having a choice to go to prison or to camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is a place were for some sorta reason they have to dig holes EVERY EVERY day. They have to did a 5 FEET! down and 5 feet wide. It’s hard to dig it all in one day but all boys manage it. Like i said there are seven boys Armpit, Xray, Twitch, Barf bag, Squid, Magnet, Zero, and Caveman.

The whole point of the story is that they dig holes every day. The main rule of the camp is never bother the warden. Let’s say you’re digging all day and you find something interesting the warden might want to see it. The warden likes it and finds it interesting so you get a free day off. The fastest digger is Zero for some weird reason. The slowest digger is Stanley AKA caveman.

My favorite thing about this book is that it is a mystery to see what they are trying to uncover. The reason I picked this book out is because it was really cool. I really liked it - and yeah it is my favorite book…ever (for now).